Crafted Vancouver is dedicated to showcasing exceptional contemporary and traditional craft from a selection of local, national and international craftspeople, the unknown and the celebrated. We organize an annual 25-day festival celebrating multiple craft disciplines in a fresh festival format. Events are carefully selected to cultivate interest and appreciation of fine craft between skilled craftspeople, the dedicated collector and an emerging craft appreciator market in intimate settings and encounters.

This year we invite you to dig a little deeper as we expand our reach. Our theme “Made to Discover” inspires us to set out and investigate the many places craft is present. Whether it’s during visits to independent studios or the backstage of an opera company, viewing the skilled craftsmanship of our architectural treasures or learning about the building of wooden boats, festival participants will experience a thoughtful selection of craft through the many events on offer during our inaugural year.

Our aim is always to celebrate unique pieces in smaller quantities with greater meaning.

We are delighted to present this year’s festival of events.

Our Story

We’re a team of craft enthusiasts, curators and advisors. We see a tremendous opportunity to revive our culture’s appreciation for quality goods and reconnect with those who produce them.

Our passion for supporting fine craft is contagious. We’re thrilled to share exceptional craftspeople, a behind-the-scenes look at their process, and the beautiful objects that result.


Board Members

Roni Dhanday   Vice-Chair

David Hall

Carrie Ross      Chair

Greta Soo        Treasurer

Our Team

Crafted Vancouver Executive Director Carrie Ross

Carrie Ross

Executive + Artistic Director
Crafted Vancouver Venue Manager Roni Dhanday

Roni Dhanday

Board Member: Vice-Chair + Venue Manager
Crafted Vancouver Development Director Dave Hall

David Hall

Board Member + Development
Vancouver Craft Festival Society Board of Directors Member Greta Soo

Greta Soo

Board Member - Treasurer
Crafted Vancouver Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Marron

Stephanie Marron

Festival + Programme Manager
Crafted Vancouver Festival Intern Erin Schmidt

Erin Schmidt

Festival + Programme Manager
Crafted Vancouver Director of Photography Richard Olak

Richard Olak

Director of Videography + REEL Crafted 2018
Crafted Vancouver Director of Photography Marina Dodis

Marina Dodis

Director of Photography

Suzanne Ward

Interior Design - Crafted Interiors

John Atkin

Event Manager - Guided Walks Programme
Crafted Advisory Team Member Stefanie Dueck - Metal Arts

Stefanie Dueck

Crafted Advisory Team - Metal Arts
Crafted Advisory Team Member David Dumbrell - Automata

David Dumbrell

Crafted Advisory Team - Automata
Crafted Advisory Team Member Renee Macdonald - Leatherwork

Renée Macdonald

Crafted Advisory Team - Leatherwork

Chris Snedden

Crafted Advisory Team - Ceramics

Amanda Wood

Crafted Advisory Team - Textiles

“We’re looking for the unique, the exceptional, the bold, the unusual, the awe-inspiring beauty that could only come from fine craft.”

Our Event Partners

In addition to featuring our own signature events our event partners include: galleries, museums & institutions, craft guilds, organizations and associations, craft & design educational institutions, cultural organizations, luxury retail, collectors, scholars, curators, embassies, writers, restaurants, chefs and other food & beverage partners.

Crafted Vancouver and our event partners are dedicated to highlighting the skilled contemporary craft maker, both locally and globally, including indigenous peoples and other cultural groups whose members continue to honour traditional craft making practices handed down through the ages, here in our city, and in the global exchange of craft through the ages.

2019 Event Partner information will be available Fall 2018. Sign up to our newsletter to receive up to date submission information.