Artist talk with Alberto López Gómez

Crafted Advisory Team members, Shane Yu and Katelyn Woodburn participated in an interview with Tzotzil weaver Alberto López Gómez on August 20 2020 alongside Fabiola Sanchez from Xanvil and with the support and generosity of the Mexican Consulate in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Originating from the Chiapas region of southern Mexico, Alberto López Gómez challenged gender stereotypes and overcame bias and prejudice in his traditional community to pursue a childhood dream to work as a weaver, a role ordinarily reserved for women and to share his cultural practices in textile design on a world platform.

Alberto López Gómez and another weaver displaying their work

His own brand ‘K‘uxul Pok’ features garments that are created in the traditional manner using highly symbolic patterns and decorations and were presented in New York Fashion Week 2020 to critical acclaim. As an important indigenous craft person, López Gómez wants to establish a museum of the designs  and techniques specific to his region and act as inspiration to other men wishing to become weavers and textile designers.

We are thrilled to partner with the Mexican Consulate in Vancouver and Aeromexico to bring the work of Alberto López Gómez to Crafted Vancouver in 2021 (and hopefully Alberto too!).

View the entire interview below.