Creative Districts: 1000 Parker

The 2021 Crafted Vancouver festival introduces the Craft District Series, creative hubs within a short walking distance of each other. This year we debut with five official Craft Districts; Armoury District, Gastown, Granville Island, Parker Street Studios | Mergatroid Building & Railtown, each with its own unique character and identity.

Each district will host a number of Events throughout the festival calendar, along with its own Spotlight Day, where Event Partners will host a variety of intimate events designed to introduce you to the makers & designers behind each unique product.


1000 Parker

When confronted with the question ‘Why do you choose to have your workshop at Parker Street’, shoemaker Renee Macdonald of Westerly Handmade Shoes honestly declared there is “simply nowhere else” she would rather be. From the moment she walked into the building, Renee was moved by the energy of the space and had a strong sense that this was where she wanted to work.

There is something about the age and history at 1000 Parker that makes this 152000-square foot warehouse unique. After so many years being used in the capacity of a community space for artists, designers, photographers, woodworkers and crafts people, the walls breathe creativity.  Located in East Vancouver the diversity of its residents in over 120 studios combines an energy and vitality that is unparalleled.  The building is alive: the tapping of a jewelry hammer, the thud of a heavy tool, the buzz of machinery, laughter and conversation. In a building like 1000 Parker everyone is sharing this amazing environment and its electric.

"A destination to experience a living building and history in the making."
1000 Parker Studios

Economically it is still a cost-effective space for artists to rent; where many spaces are shared. Some have been there for just months others for years and although COVID19 has made things tricky for people to visit, typically clients have entered the building to look at displays or gallery space or to try things on. A healthy waiting list means the demand for studio space is great and Terry, the building manager, will consider the practicalities of pairing disciplines together.

Located between Venables and Clark and owned by the Beedie Group, 1000 Parker is a destination to witness how crafts people work in small spaces to create big business. Amongst the Parker Street community there are several recipients of BC Achievement awards and many craftspeople that are outstanding in their field, such as Henry Norris of New Form Design, Renee Macdonald of Westerly Handmade Shoes and Bridget Catchpole Jewelry. A destination to experience a living building and history in the making.


1000 Parker images by Alex Montes