Mergatroid building seen from Parker Street

Creative Districts: Mergatroid Building

Morley Faber was hailed as a visionary when, in 2000, he decided to convert a large manufacturing space in Strathcona, into usable and affordable artist space. 

The Megatroid Building has two floors and ‘it is an excellent building to be in’, according to ceramicist Jackie Frioud who has shared her studio there for over 5 years. ‘It’s hard for ceramicists to find space in Vancouver and the rent is very reasonable’, she adds, noting how Morley is totally dedicated to the building which is currently full of interesting artists and craftspeople. ‘He is on site almost every day to oversee his operation; He is such a great caretaker of the building and if anything is needed he is right there’, reports Frioud.

Morley is open about his main goal to provide space for artists and craftspeople in Vancouver. Terminal City Glass is one of the co-ops currently based on the ground floor of The Megatroid, but there are clay co-ops and woodworking co-ops as well as many studios upstairs. Morley has been instrumental in making the inspired concept of co-op space so acceptable.

People are still busy working there. In spite of COVID and shared spaces, different schedules still allow for craftspeople to get to their studios.  The Eastside Culture Crawl that went cautiously ahead for the 4 days in 2020 gave people a chance to see the whole building as a diverse and vibrant space and we are optimistic that 2021 will be another opportunity for  visitors to witness the talented local creative community of Vancouver.