SwitzerCultCreative understands the meaning of originality, beauty and craft. Since Renée opened her business in 2012  she has developed her passion for modern sustainable design whilst supporting and promoting local, Canadian and international furniture designers and makers. Her boutique company is proud to endorse authentic, high-end, handcrafted furniture suitable for modern living. Renée clearly loves the industry and the people within it and seeks out those craftspeople whose values match up with hers. Renée explains how it is “ part of our vision to represent designers or companies that are not seen anywhere else in Vancouver or Western Canada”. She wants to be central to a community of like-minded designers and  makers who complement each other and who are looking to be represented in a friendly, hardworking showroom.

When her lease came up for renewal recently, the timing was perfect. Renée found the ideal  space surrounded by  designer’s offices and close to businesses like East India Carpets, Living Space and Provide  which  complement her unique collections. She stresses how  “It is absolutely the best decision” for SwitzerCultCreative to remain in the heart of the Armoury District. They have experience in the field, love furniture and design and have a willingness to collaborate with new makers who produce exceptional pieces. 

The family behind the business started with her father who ran his own manufacturing company designing reproduction antiques and inspired Renée to set up a separate business which today includes both her son and her daughter. As a respected company in the design industry they are careful to focus on knowing their products and their success comes from opportunities they create with amazing designers with whom they “just click”.

The new showroom is located at 1636 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC, open Monday to Saturday and hoping to get back to normal hours now that they have moved. COVID-19 restrictions meant a soft opening so please go and visit them in their beautiful new location.