Creative Districts: Railtown

Vancouver’s bustling creative district known as Railtown is a small wedge of land situated between Alexander Street, the Railyards, Heatley and Columbia. This industrial corner of downtown Vancouver has transformed in recent years into a thriving neighbourhood, which has already attracted titans of industry, clothing companies, high end manufacturers and product design companies.


Bocci Design


Rezoning the district by the City of Vancouver for ‘creative product manufacturing’ has encouraged start up companies, fashion schools and artist studios to develop their businesses in this historic industrial district. The creation of additional studios in Railtown’s historic buildings also means arts and culture based production will continue to expand as more ceramicists, designers, sculptors, photographers and woodworkers such as Hinterland Design become established.

In order to maintain its industrial character the historic buildings have been sensitively retained, scattered with galleries, cafes, restaurants and breweries and just a short walk east from Gastown. Railtown is known today as an ‘innovation incubator’, specializing in attracting local makers and designers to this booming economic area on the edge of Vancouver’s creative east side.

Japanese Hall on Alexander St.