Bridget Catchpole at Herschel Supply

Herschel Supply is an exceptional retailer with a Gastown location. This month they are displaying the work of jewellery designer Bridget Catchpole in their storefront windows. Fran Dawkins recently asked Lyndon Cormack, Managing Director and Co-Founder to provide us with a little background to the Vancouver based global design company and its commitment to creativity, quality and craft.

We believe that building a better future starts with the learning and development of the next generation of design thinkers.

What inspired Herschel to use local artists for their window treatments?

Vancouver is home to a host of amazing artists and other talented creatives. We wanted to work with artists to celebrate the Pacific Northwest and the city where the brand was founded and continues to operate and contribute to the success and culture of the neighborhood too.

How long has Herschel been collaborating with artists?

Herschel has always had a profound and longstanding connection to arts and design. At Herschel, we believe that building a better future starts with the learning and development of the next generation of design thinkers. Art and design can inspire confidence, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking—skills that will ultimately create future solutions to aid people and our planet.

We’ve always been committed to empowering and inspiring youth through access to creative education and resources, supporting the local arts community, and have/continue to collaborate with artists over the years on in-store and event installations, product collections, and other projects.

How do you work with the artist on the presentation of their work? / Do you meet with the artist beforehand and choose artwork together for the window?

We give them a sense of the store through photos and video, the neighborhood, and the seasonal theme—if we have one—then allow them to come back with suggestions. With Bridget, she had pre-existing pieces that fit both the window and our infinity room perfectly. While it’s always a collaborative undertaking, we want the artist to feel empowered and display work they feel best suits the space and project.

How does the work of Bridget Catchpole fit with Herschel Brand?

At Herschel, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and are continuously looking for sustainable solutions in areas such as product development, end of life management, carbon footprint management, and more. This year, we proudly launched our Eco Collection, consisting of bags built from 100% recycled materials, from the body fabrics to the labels and liner. For our latest art in residence program at our Gastown store, we wanted to celebrate a local artist rooted in the Pacific Northwest who shared similar values. Bridget transforms single-use ocean plastic into sensational works of art, similar to how we re-purpose post-consumer water bottles to make the bags in our Eco line.