A Simple Phrase

I like that. It speaks to me. I’m moved. A simple phrase tells us what matters now. We are all creators and we need to think collectively about our future and take responsibility for our present. When we create, we do so to express feelings, we hope to inspire and delight.  Craft can be a reflection of our time and what affects us in the everyday. It is important work, to reach out to as many people as possible with a story to tell.


The universal language of craft allows us to share our understanding of the things that define us, to create a visible, tangible presence. However, culture does not appear to put the same value on utilitarian objects as the ‘useless’; useful things that have been inspired from everyday life maintain an emotional connection to our heritage. New skills are borne from the traditions of a culture that is shared, learned and maintained and encourages infinite creative possibilities through these modern dialogues. The skills and intention of a maker can in fact take the handmade to an increasingly high level, to spark imagination and joy. Curiosity and wonder can push the boundaries of creativity yet further. The Loewe Foundation has established an international craft community and describes craft as a ‘product of  circumstance’ that  “emboldens audiences to be hopeful”. Loewe is determined to highlight new material content that values what is important today and to capture the dynamic, creative stories of those around us, to open our minds. 


Founded in 1846 as a leather- crafts collective in the narrow streets of Madrid, Loewe, a fourth generation Spanish fashion house, is committed to tradition and excellence. They stress that time-honoured traditions have always driven the company. The launching of the Loewe Craft Prize in the field of craft has established high standards for quality and luxury. Its substantial cash prize encourages entries and educates the audience to the quality of craftsmanship from around the world. The sheer variety of cultures and entries reveals the space available for fresh talent in this field and has expanded the cultural conversation further. The Loewe Craft Prize is a world class competition placing a spotlight on the merits of skill and  innovation and the artistic prowess of contemporary craftspeople in a modern context.