May 1 – 25, 2020

Crafted Vancouver is a registered, not-for-profit, independent organization showcasing a festival of curated programming under the Crafted Vancouver umbrella. Along with our Event Partners, we organize an annual 25-day festival celebrating multiple craft disciplines in a fresh festival format. We are currently at work programming our third festival for May 2020 – Craft Year in Canada.

Each May craft-based work is featured & exhibited in a 25-day festival through a variety of events at dozens of venues throughout Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley. As the only month-long festival in North America designed to celebrate the vitality of our hand-crafted world, we are dedicated to enhancing appreciation of fine craft and our crafted environment from across a continuum, including the ancestral, tribal & traditional to leading-edge contemporary.

Events feature a selection of local, national and international makers, from emerging talent to the celebrated master. The festival programme is carefully designed to cultivate interest and appreciation of fine craft between skilled craftspeople, the dedicated collector and an emerging craft appreciator market in intimate settings and encounters.


2019 Festival Highlights

Our Story

We’re a small team of craft enthusiasts, curators, advisors and volunteers who see a tremendous opportunity to increase the value and relevance of craft-based work. We work year-round to revive our culture’s appreciation for quality goods. Through our festival programming, we facilitate a connection between our festival audience and those who make, feature, support or sell fine craft.

Our passion for fine craft is contagious. We’re thrilled to support and collaborate with exceptional craftspeople and our cultural and strategic partners. 

Our Team

Crafted Vancouver Executive Director Carrie Ross

Carrie Ross

Founder + Executive Director
Crafted Vancouver Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Marron

Stephanie Marron

Festival Manager | Volunteer Coordinator

Marion Couvreur

Administrative Support Manager | Crafted Advisory Team - Woodworking, Crafted in the City
Crafted Vancouver Director of Photography Richard Olak

Richard Olak

Director: Videography + Photography | Director: REEL Crafted Film Festival

Alex Montes

Social Media Manager

Suzanne Ward

Curation & Interior Design | Crafted Interiors

Fran Dawkins

Guest Relations Manager

John Atkin

Heritage Consultant | Cultural Walks Co-ordinator

Leanne Prain

Co-host | Crafted Reading Salon

Kim Werker

Co-host | Crafted Reading Salon
Crafted Vancouver Venue Manager Roni Dhanday

Roni Dhanday

Board Member: Vice-Chair | Venue Manager
Vancouver Craft Festival Society Board of Directors Member Greta Soo

Greta Soo

Board Member - Treasurer | Bookkeeping

Angela Clarke

Board Member

Ange Adair

Crafted Advisory Team | Meet the Makers Programming

Rachael Ashe

Crafted Advisory Team | Paper Arts

Bridget Catchpole

Crafted Advisory Team Manager | Multi-Disciplinary

Patrick Christie

Crafted Advisory Team | Woodworking + Project Specialist

Celina Dalrymple

Crafted Advisory Team | Interior Furnishing
Crafted Advisory Team Member Stefanie Dueck - Metal Arts

Stefanie Dueck

Crafted Advisory Team | Metal Arts
Crafted Advisory Team Member David Dumbrell - Automata

David Dumbrell

Crafted Advisory Team | Automata
Crafted Advisory Team Member Renee Macdonald - Leatherwork

Renée Macdonald

Crafted Advisory Team | Leatherwork

Louise Perrone

Crafted Advisory Team | Jewellery

Fredi Rahn

Crafted Advisory Team | Ceramics

Amanda Wood

Crafted Advisory Team | Textiles

Katelyn Woodburn

Co-ordinator Fashion Show & Retail Event | Crafted Advisory Team - Fashion

Shane Yu

Co-ordinator Fashion Show & Retail Event | Crafted Advisory Team - Fashion