About Crafted Vancouver

Crafted Vancouver is an annual 25-day festival that celebrates and advances outstanding local, Canadian and International creativity and craftsmanship through a curated program of events taking place in venues throughout Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley.

Along with our official Event Partners, we foster public appreciation by featuring exceptional artists & designers working in multiple disciplines across the craft continuum, from ancestral, tribal & traditional to leading-edge contemporary.

The festival programme is carefully designed to cultivate interest and appreciation of fine craft between skilled craftspeople & designers, the dedicated collector and an emerging craft appreciator market in intimate settings and encounters.

Our Purpose

• To serve as a platform that celebrates and advances outstanding creativity and craftsmanship.


Our Theme


We see signs of craftsmanship existing in our city and throughout the world and we recognize the global exchange of craft throughout history. Crafted Vancouver brings together makers, supporters and collectors to discover and uncover the world of craft around us, to see that craft is everywhere.


Our Beliefs

• Craft is not a trend: Craft is relevant and enduring and we champion the unique skills of exemplary craftsmanship.
• Craftspeople contribute in giving us our sense of identity and continuity, providing a link from our past, through the present, and into the future.
• The amount of focus a community places on craft and the arts reflects the health of the community.
• Curating our lives and investing in quality, helps support craft and the craftspeople in our local, national & global society, enabling us to live a unique, environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
• Skilled craftsmanship offers a viable means of support and should be considered a meaningful career choice.


Our Goals

Craft and the Craft Artist

• Cultivate an appreciation and demand for handcrafted quality.
• Connect outstanding creativity and craftsmanship to collectors + emerging craft appreciators.
• Help craft artists access local and global channels for collaboration and promotion.

Craft and the Planet

• Support + facilitate events + discussions about our “throw away” consumer culture—How can we best change behaviour and attitudes around post-war mass consumption and production to encourage an environmentally sustainable lifestyle through our support of fine craft?


The Future of Craft

• Grow and engage a young craft appreciator market.
• Supply the means and opportunity for young people to engage in craftsmanship opportunities in a meaningful way.

2019 Festival Highlights

Join us May 2021 as we celebrate our third festival with exclusive Gallery Exhibitions, Artist Talks & Presentations, Crafted in the City—Retail Shop & Showroom Events, Craft Is Everywhere window installations, Food & Drinks Events, Hands-On Workshops, Fashion Show & Retail Fashion Events, Guided Studio Tours, Opening Receptions, Reading Salon, Demonstrations, REEL Crafted Film Festival, Live Podcast, Walking Tours & Performances and our Spotlight On: International Artist Events



Principal Sponsor

Our Strategic Partners