Meet our 2019 Event Partners!

Chosen for their Authenticity, Craftsmanship, Originality, Territory, Tradition, Competence & Innovation, and shared dedication to making, supporting and promoting fine craft, our Event Partners are exceptional & inspirational.

They practice or represent multiple craft disciplines in many fields including:
interior furnishing & decoration, woodworking, lighting, jewellery, metalworking, ceramics, glass & crystal, fashion, textiles, leatherworking, paper, graphics & printing, games, toys & mechanical objects, musical instrument making, restoration, performing arts, heritage building and gardening, craft-themed film and more.

Our Event Partners come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Individual Craftspeople or Collaboration of craftspeople practicing traditional, contemporary or indigenous craft
  • Galleries, museums & institutions
  • Craft guilds, organizations and associations
  • Craft & design educational institutions
  • Cultural organizations
  • Showrooms & Luxury houses
  • Independent shops and exclusive department stores
  • Collectors
  • Scholars
  • Curators
  • Embassies
  • Writers
  • Restaurants, chefs and other regional producers of food & beverage


2019 Event Partners

‘Nalaga – Donna Cranmer

Indigenous Craft-Based Art

Aaron Harrison

Performing Arts

Ai + Om

Metalworking, Craft-Based Retail Shop

Amanda Wood


Anyuta Gusakova

Ceramics, Multi-disciplinary, Mixed Media

Arnt Arntzen

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Audrey Fortin of Walls of Ivy

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Paper, Graphics and Printing

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Museum + Curator

Becki Chan


Benjamin Kikkert

Glass and Crystal

Bettina Matzkuhn


Brent Comber

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Bridget Catchpole


British Columbia Achievement Foundation

Crafted Vancouver Strategic Partner, Applied Art & Design Award Foundation

Canadian Crafts Federation

Crafted Vancouver Strategic Partner, National Craft Association

Carol Mayer

Ceramics, Museum + Curator

Catherine M. Stewart


Catherine Regehr

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Fashion and Accessories

Cathy Terepocki


Christi York


CityScape Community ArtSpace

Community Arts Council

Coastal Peoples Gallery

Indigenous Craft-Based Art, Private Art Gallery
Figment of Imagination installation

concealed studio


Connie Sabo


Craft Council of British Columbia

Crafted Vancouver Strategic Partner, Craft-Based Retail Shop, Provincial Craft Council

Dane Saunders

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

David Dumbrell

Kinetic Mechanical Figures

EartHand Gleaners Society

Textiles, Traditional + Ancestral Crafts, Community Environmental Art

eikcam ceramics


Eszter Burghardt


ffab Home

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Florencio Fuentes Melchor

Traditional + Ancestral Crafts, Wood Carving

Granville Island Broom Co.

Traditional + Ancestral Crafts, Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Holt Renfrew

Textiles, Jewellery, Fashion and Accessories

Jamie Gentry

Indigenous Craft-Based Art

Janaki Larsen


Jay Miron

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Jessica de Haas of Funk Shui Felt

Textiles, Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Jessica Silvey of Red Cedar Woman

Indigenous Craft-Based Art, Basketry

Joan Tayler

Polymer Clay Works

John Atkin

Architecture and Gardens

Kari Kristensen

Paper, Graphics and Printing

Lafleur Atelier

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Lori Sokoluk

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Louise Perrone


Material Matters @ ECUAD


Mich DuVernet


Mike Kammerer

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Museum of Vancouver

Museum + Curator

New Format

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Multi-disciplinary

Nicholas Purcell Furniture

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

North-West Ceramics Foundation

Ceramics, Craft Association

Omer Arbel

Lighting, Architecture and Gardens

Patrick Christie + SPACE

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Recycled and Upcycled Work



Rachael Ashe

Paper, Graphics and Printing

Renée Macdonald Westerly Handmade Shoes

Fashion and Accessories, Leatherworking

Riley McFerrin

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Robert Sung | A Wok Around Tours

Architecture and Gardens
Three Graces

Ruth Scheuing


Silk Weaving Studio

Textiles, Working Studio & Retail Shop

Stefanie Dueck

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Metalworking

Stephanie Symns


Steven Enns of Hand & Sew


Surrey Art Gallery

Public Art Gallery


Interior Furnishing and Decoration

The Balvenie

Artisan Brewing + Spirits

Trace Yeomans

Indigenous Craft-Based Art, Multi-disciplinary

Valerie Arntzen

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Vancouver Art Community

Community Arts Council

Vancouver Community College | Jewellery Art and Design

Jewellery, Craft & Design Programme

Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Architecture and Gardens

Vancouver Metal Arts Association

Jewellery, Craft Association

Vancouver Opera

Performing Arts

von Hardenberg Beeswax Candles

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Working Studio & Retail Shop

Whispering Horse Winery

Artisan Brewing + Spirits

Yorke Graham