Crafted Vancouver showcases exceptional contemporary and traditional craftsmanship and craft-based work from a selection of local, national and international makers, the unknown and the celebrated.

Our Event Partners make, feature or sell fine craft in its many forms and disciplines.

This archived listing is the place to find detailed contact information on all festival Event Partners.

Crafted Vancouver Event Partners include:

  • Individual Craftsperson or Collaboration of craftspeople of traditional, contemporary or indigenous craft
  • Galleries, museums & institutions
  • Craft guilds, organizations and associations
  • Craft & design educational institutions
  • Cultural organizations
  • Luxury houses
  • Independent shops and department stores
  • Collectors
  • Scholars
  • Curators
  • Embassies
  • Writers,
  • Restaurants, chefs and other regional producers of food & beverage.


Event Partners

Amanda Wood


Andy Cooperman

Jewellery, Metalworking

Audrey Fortin of Walls of Ivy

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Paper, Graphics and Printing

Barbarian Press

Paper, Graphics and Printing, Traditional + Heritage Crafts

Benjamin Kikkert

Glass and Crystal

Bettina Matzkuhn

Glass Vessels by Brad Turner titled Redundant Vessels

Brad Turner

Glass and Crystal, Lighting

Brent Comber

Architecture and Gardens, Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Lighting

Bridget Bailey

Fashion and Accessories, Textiles

Bridget Catchpole

Jewellery, Recycled + Upcycled Work

Bryony Knox


Charles Tremewen of Long Table Distillery

Artisan Brewing + Spirits

Dane Saunders of Retrobound

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Lighting

Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator

Art + Craft-Based Author

David Dumbrell

Games, Toys and Mechanical Objects

Deborah Dumka

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Textiles

Donna Cranmer

Indigenous Craft-Based Art, Textiles

Granville Island Broom Company

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Traditional + Heritage Crafts

Jay Miron

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Kwak Kyung-Tae


Lee Hyang-Gu


Lydia Buxton


Nicholas Purcell Furniture

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club

Architecture and Gardens

Pamela Ritchie


Propellor Design

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Lighting

Rachael Ashe

Paper, Graphics and Printing

Ryan Inman

Interior Furnishing and Decoration

Sinead Black of Bricolage Quilts

Textiles, Traditional + Heritage Crafts

Stefanie Dueck

Interior Furnishing and Decoration, Metalworking

Tarquin Melnyk of Ms. Better’s Bitters

Artisan Brewing + Spirits

Terminal City Glass Co-op

Glass and Crystal

The Balvenie

Artisan Brewing + Spirits

Vancouver Opera

Performing Arts

Vancouver Studio Glass

Glass and Crystal

Westerly Handmade Shoes