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Our passion for outstanding creativity and craftsmanship is what drives us

About Us

We’re a team of passionate craft enthusiasts, curators, advisors and volunteers. We see a tremendous opportunity to increase the value and relevance of outstanding creativity and craftsmanship through the platform of the 25-day Crafted Vancouver festival. Working year-round to revive our culture’s appreciation for quality goods, we facilitate a connection between our festival audience and those who make, feature, support or sell fine craft.

We’re thrilled to support and collaborate with exceptional Event Partners & our Strategic Partner team.

The Crafted Advisory Team

Meet our knowledge philanthropists. Crafted Advisory Team (CAT) members are skilled, exhibiting craftspeople, experts, or craft collectors. They play a crucial role in the success of Crafted Vancouver. By acting as advocates of their discipline, each member works closely with our Executive Director, helping to achieve a balanced programme with as much variety and interest as possible throughout the festival. Our CAT are a great resource for festival information and familiar faces at festival events. And we’ve made it easy to add them to your social networks.

Festival Support Team

Crafted Vancouver Executive Director Carrie Ross

Carrie Ross

Artistic Director | Founder

John Atkin

Heritage Consultant | Cultural Walks Coordinator

Marion Couvreur

Administrative Support Manager

Fran Dawkins

Blog Editor | Guest Relations Manager

Stephanie Marron

Volunteer Coordinator

Alex Montes

Social Media + Communications Coordinator

Leanne Prain

Host: Crafted Reading Salon

Crafted Advisory Team

Rachael Ashe

Paper Arts

Celina Dalrymple

Interior Furnishing

Fredi Rahn



Crafted Vancouver Executive Director Carrie Ross

Carrie Ross


Marion Couvreur


Roni Dhanday

Vice-Chair | Venue Manager

Greta Soo

Treasurer, Bookkeeping



2021 Supporting Sponsor

Our Strategic Partners