REEL Crafted 2023 - Calling All Filmmakers!

Calling all Filmmakers!

Join us for the fourth edition of REEL Crafted, the North American film festival dedicated to craft and craft-based. View an eclectic collection of short and feature films by talented filmmakers from around the world, each exploring their own unique view and understanding of craftsmanship and our crafted world.

REEL Crafted 2023 is produced by Crafted Vancouver. Selected films will be shown on as part of the 25-day Crafted Vancouver festival.

Details: Our intention is to inspire and engage filmmakers and audience members through the common goal of championing outstanding creativity and craftsmanship. We are looking for films of that explore connections between materials, making and makers in any genre: e.g. documentary, animation, experimental, and in short or full-length duration.

Selected films will be screened during the REEL Crafted Film Festival. Submissions begin October 2022.




Our short film selection offers an inspiring look into craft making practices from all over the world. Take this journey with us and see the local artists of poverty-ridden Lesotho turning negatives into positives in their own creative ways in “From Trash To Treasure”. Witness Australia’s South West coast through the eyes of a time travelling botanist from the 18th century in “Peregrinations of a Citizen Botanist”, and a powerful tale about love facing darkness – in a world of wool with “A Love Story”. Dutch archaeologist Maikel Kuijpers will introduce you to artisans who are redefining craft in “The Future Is Handmade”, and Ali-Mohammad – the last rural felt-crafter of the Neyshabur region – offers an honest, moving look into his life and work during his last days on Earth in “Days of Ignorance”. Then take a seat in one of Lawrence Neal’s traditional rush-seated chairs in “The Chair Maker”, and learn “How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps”!


REEL Crafted is proud to host the Canadian premier of two masterful feature films as a special event on May 15th! “Against The Grain” is a gorgeous examination of the complex relationship between craft and the environment through the groundbreaking work of Sebastian Cox, while “Carving The Divine” is an intimate look into the artistic process of modern day Busshi – the buddhist sculptors of Japan.



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