We are deeply grateful for the support from our Strategic Partners, our Contributing Sponsors, and our Media, Promotional and Venue Partners.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our first year Event Partners who helped to enhance the festival programming immensely. They make it possible for Crafted Vancouver to present this wonderfully eclectic programme of events during our inaugural festival year.

If you’re interested in becoming a future supporter for Crafted Vancouver, please view our info package.

We look forward to discussing sponsorship and other opportunities with you during our 2019 festival year.

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Thank You

In addition to the special thanks that the staff extends to their loved ones for their patience and kind support, Crafted Vancouver would like to thank the following people for their time and advice as we worked to bring this inaugural festival to light.

Arnt Arntzen
Valerie Arntzen
Rachael Ashe
John Atkin
Toby Barratt
Larry Beasley
Maegen Black
Sharon Bonner
Mark Busse
Laura Carey
Siobhan Carr
Sam Carter
Michael Chang
Gloria Cheung
Cho Se-Yeon
Choi In-Gyu
Asa Christiana
Jennifer Cooper
Donna Cranmer
Ghislaine Crawford
Ron Cromie
Josh Croteau
Gaylean Davies
Malania Dela Cruz
Marina Dodis
Kate Duncan
Doug Durand
Jan and Crispin Elsted
Carey Fouks
Daniel Friesen
Kate Garthwaite
Harriet Goodwin
Charles Haigh
Katie + David Hall
Michael Hayward
Brian Howell
Patricia Huntsman
Julia Izadi
Jamie Johnson
Jim Kew
Consul General Gunn Kim
Kim Seong-Tae
Danielle Krysa
Kwak Kyung-Tae
Gerda Lattey
Miles Lavkulich
Chantale Lavoie
Lee Dae-Young
Lee Hyang-Gu
Kate LeGresley
Donna Leong
Sandy Logan
Gay and Anthony Longo
Daylen Luchsinger
Kaitlyn Lush
Renée Macdonald
Tori MacNab
Rose Marsolais
Ann Martin
Colleen Maybin
Miya McGrew
Ryan McGrew
Raine McKay
Tim McLaughlin
Ivonne Mendoza
Deborah and Mark Mercier
Marco Minetti
Blaise Misiek
Judith Mosley
Stephanie Murray
Mitch Ngai
Justine Nichol
Alwyn O’Brien
Rob O’Dea
Richard Olak
Hayley Opoka
Tetsuya and Momoko Otani
Brian Paterson
Anne Pearson
Theresa Pedersen
Brenna Pett
Kayla Preston
Michael Preuss
Sarah Race
Kevan Ricolf
Heather Ross
Scott Ross
Ivan Sayers
Sage Smith
Kim Spencer-Nairn
Brendan Tang
Jan Tollefsen
Charles Tremewen
Heidi Turner
Trudy Van Dop
Robert and Yvonne Van Norman
Suzanne Ward
Cathryn Wilson
Dorothy Woodend
Rita Yip
Yu Yong-Chul
and to
Michelle Sirois-Silver - for never-ending support
& Hal Wake - that first “good for you”
A special thank you to our dedicated volunteers who contribute so much to the Festival. We could not do this without you!